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LEAF Global Arts and the YMI Cultural Center Come Together for a new collaboration and community event!


The YMI Cultural Center and LEAF Global Arts are pleased to announce a new form of community event, REIMAGINE 2020. In a new partnership for both the agencies, the event will take place virtually and small scale in-person format on October 3-4, 2020 as a replacement for marquee summer events, LEAF Downtown, and Goombay. All in-person events will follow CDC, North Carolina, and Buncombe County guidelines and have been approved by the City of Asheville. REIMAGINE welcomes the Asheville community to come together digitally and at a social-distance to experience entertainment, discussion, culture, and discover community resources. Throughout their storied histories, both LEAF Global Arts and the YMI Cultural Center have hosted global talents and transformative experiences that bring diversity, artistic excellence, and culture to the Asheville community. The two organizations remain committed to creating pathways to equity, elevating underrepresented voices, and celebrating cultural art. 

As the local community and the world advocate for sustainable equity, the presence and necessity of art is undeniable. Both LEAF and the YMI aim to be conduits for change, inspiration, and cultural preservation. “REIMAGINE” is not only a chance for the community to see the vibrancy of The Block it is also a fundraising effort to sustain both organizations as the pandemic continues to create fiscal challenges. Both organizations use events to create revenue streams that fund community outreach and have experienced a financial loss because of the current restrictions. REIMAGINE 2020 aims to bring much-needed attention and funds to The Block in an effort to sustain all of the business of the area and to promote the communities of color that exist there. 


What to Expect at “REIMAGINE 2020” 

  • Music  - LIVE performances at YMI and LEAF Global Arts // Digital Performances with a special Nina Simone Tribute and a focus on our local artists.

  • History of Black Asheville Storytelling 

  • Conversation - interviews, panel discussions, and keynote speakers

  • Candle Light Vigil - in memory of those we lost in 2020

  • Comedy - Laugh out loud with local and regional comics

  • Family-Friendly Entertainment

  • MagiLantern Parade with Street Creature Puppet Collective 

  • Community Resources

  • Renew your spirits! Pathways to explore healing arts, shop with local artists, and delicious food from your favorite restaurants.

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